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Frequently Asked Questions

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 Automated Tele Medicine,  (ATM)

 Is driven by the statement health leads, prosperity follows.

By placing your personal and private health account next to your personal and private bank account on the trusted global ATM Network, you can be assured your complete, accurate health information is available whenever and wherever you need health care, worldwide.

At the point of care (PoC), your personal health record will mirror back to your ATM Health account seamlessly, not disrupting your healthcare provider's institutional electronic medical record (EMR), just as your ATM bank account mirrors your entitled bank account information at point-of-transaction (PoT) while not disrupting your bank's institutional banking system.




How do I enroll for my ATM Health Link-for-Life ?

You simply logon to  and register. You will register in a highly secure and private system just one time. You will then be assigned your ATM Health Link-for-Life ID and a temporary card will be sent to you.


How do I get my permanent ATM Health Link-for-Life ID card?

When you visit your ATM Health healthcare provider or station at a local hospital, they will obtain your fingerprint and a photo. Having your fingerprint will help identify you, and will link you to your health account should you misplace your card or find yourself in a medical emergency situation.

How does my health record get into my ATM Health Link-for-Life   health account?

Your health records will be automatically uploaded as you visit your various doctors, dentist, pharmacies and health care providers. Eventually your health account will contain your current and historical health information.

Can I enroll my children?

Yes, from date of birth or at any time, they too can get their own ATM Health Link-for-Life. Initially you will be the designated guardian of their ATM Health Account, until they reach the age to manage their own health account. A one-time enrollment is all that's required for their ATM Health Account to be linked to them throughout their entire life.

Can I enroll my elderly parents?

Yes. They too can benefit by accumulating their own health account that will help them (and their caregivers) whenever and wherever they need healthcare.

Will my healthcare provider need to do anything different when I present my ATM Health Account?

No. You will simply login with your ATM Health account at the receptionist's desk. Using your ATM Health account will make it unnecessary for you to fill out forms, update your insurance, or remember to tell your doctor about a new prescription, for example. It will all be right there on the screen.

What motivates my healthcare provider to use my ATM Health Account?

First, it makes their job much easier. They will now have past records and accurate current health and medical information immediately available. Second, they will use their own electronic medical record (EMR) system, as normal. But, it will automatically place the same information into your ATM Health Account, right there at point of care.


Will all my doctor's staff have the full access to my ATM Health Account?

No. Your ATM Health Account only shows the health information on a need-to-know basis. For example, the doctor's receptionist will only have your name and insurance information. The doctor's nurse will only have such items as your previous weight, blood pressure, etc. The doctor will only have your health information specific to their medical specialty of healthcare. For example, your dentist will see only information related to their need-to-know and your primary care doctor will see much more.


How does the ATM Health Account know which information to show to various people on my doctor's staff?

Your ATM Health Account works very similar to your ATM Bank Account. When you pay a grocery clerk for groceries with your ATM Debit Card and ask for PRP VOUCHER cash back, you know the grocery clerk will not see any part of your bank account. The grocery clerk just receives an authorization to give you PRP VOUCHER  cash back.


ATM Health Solution

  • Individuals own their entire, complete & accurate personal health record for life.
  • PHRs seamlessly aggregate from all EMRs @ PoC.
  • Proprietary EMR systems plug into a common exchange framework and API’s to the user’s smart ATM Health aggregating interface.
  • Healthcare providers without EMR can simply use the free ATM Health EMR/PHR solution @ PoC.
  • Healthcare providers with EMR will benefit by easily providing patients their own Personal Health Record (PHR), instructions, and communications--for life-@ PoC.

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What is a PHR?

It stands for Personal Health Record (PHR) – wherein an individual’s (a) Demographic Information, (b) Physical & Medical History, (c) Clinical & Hospital Discharge Notes and (d) Diagnostic Test Results are stored and periodically updated. Traditionally these data are maintained by the Physician’s Office or a Hospital by way of hard copies in a folder called Patient’s Chart. As needed, a Patient can ask, as a matter of right, for a copy of the material in the Chart – either in part or in full. With the advent of Information of Technology and its extension from the Financial and Business Sectors to the Healthcare Delivery Sector, such records are now maintained in an electronic format, offering universal access to them. 


Why do I need a PHR?

A health record is the primary tool the physician needs to understand the health-status of a patient and to monitor changes in it from time to time. Most commonly it is created when a patient visits, for the first time, a doctor or is admitted into a hospital and is updated during the follow-up visits or subsequent admissions. Electronic Records maintained in the Clinics/Hospitals are also known by the names: Electronic Medical/Health Records (EMR/HER). Delivery of fast and high quality healthcare is very much dependent on immediate access to fully updated, accurate and reliable health-data records of patients.


Who creates and manages a Health Record?

Legally the ownership rests with the Physician or the Hospital that collected the data from the patient or attending relatives or other legally responsible persons. The owners are responsible to maintain the data in a safe and secure environment, where the right to privacy of the individuals is protected under law. They are also obliged to provide it to the patients and share it with other professionals or institutions as mandated by local laws.


Can I create and manage my own Health Record?

YES. Individuals can create health profiles of themselves or their family members, using any of the easily available tools on the internet. Besides the Health Vault of Microsoft, there are several similar web-applications from Google and other institutional or governmental resources. A number of insurance carriers provide such a facility as a service to their members. However, it must be noted that, in all these instances the data is owned by the tool-provider and the person, to whom the data relates to, has some privileges of access and privacy only. Creating one’s own health record is the first and the best step an individual can take to safeguard personal health and monitor any changes. Such a record immensely helps the doctor or hospital in providing immediate and appropriate care.


What is this My Personal Agent’s Network Business. ?

It is a PHR Management and Service System that enables  Through the “ ATM CARD BUSINESS” @ WWW.ATMCARD.BIZ a person to create health records by securely logging into a web-based software program. The software operates in three modes: (a) Self-Operated, (b) Fully Assisted Mode and (c) Partially Assisted Mode. The functionality available in the application works at two distinct levels: (a) Baseline Health Record (BHR) and (b) Personal Health Record (PHR).


What are these Operational Modes in the ATM CARD Personal Health Record .?

In the Self-Operated Mode – an individual is allowed to create and manage the health record – exclusively – all by him or herself. When an account is setup in this mode, you will first login and then enter your demographic information, to be followed by your physical and medical history along with the facility for uploading any documents relating to diagnostic results, reports, prescriptions etc. and then generate a PDF document for viewing/printing or save copy – a comprehensive Health Status Report, as of that moment. You will also be able to add new information and generate on the fly an updated report. You have the exclusive ownership and control over all the things that can be done with your personal health record and its content. You or any person authorized by you will be able to access via internet your health record on a 24x7 basis.

In the Fully Assisted Mode – a Service Representative will help you gather all the information needed to create the health record and update it based on periodic inquiries with you via letter, email, telephone or personal interview. Either you (or any person authorized by you) may access the application via internet and view/print or save a copy of the report on a 24x7 basis. If you have no access to internet – the Service Rep will assist you with this at the Service Center or you may go to any Internet Café and avail their services for this purpose. In the Partially Assisted Mode – a Service Rep will help you in creating and updating the health record to the extent you need assistance.


How do I create a Personal Health Record?

If you intend to access and use the facility in a Self-service OR Unassisted Mode the following steps are to be followed:

·         Apply online with the minimum required information and remit the requisite fee

·         Upon receipt of credentials, log into the

·         Fill out the Demographic Information Form and Save

·         Go to the Edit “Health care from” link

·         Fill out the forms under the different Tabs and Save

·         Click REVIEW to view the data entered, in editable mode and make corrections, if needed, and then SAVE

·         Click GENERATE PDF REPORT produces the PDF for viewing/printing/saving.

·         Follow the same steps to update the record.


How do I use ATM CARD PHR Service, if I am a Group Member?

When individuals become the users of ATM CARD PHR by virtue of being members of a sponsored group, their access privileges are determined by the Group Sponsor Agreement (GSA). Sponsors of Groups are usually Employers, Family Associations, Community Programs, and Insurance Carriers etc., who wish to offer the benefits of ATM CARD PHR to their employees, relatives, beneficiaries and policy holders etc. Although exceptions are possible, under the GSA individuals are not allowed access in the Self-service Mode. Individuals under the Group Sponsor receive, from Service Reps, guidance, assistance and full support in creating first the Baseline Health Record and later in elevating it to a Personal Health Record level.


What are the BHR and PHR Levels?

Baseline Health Record (BHR) is the very first health status report generated by the ATM CARD .BIZ. After the content of such a report is reviewed by: (a) the individual (or the responsible party) concerned and (b) other identified/designated (medical or non-medical) personnel, the record shall be petrified. Until such time corrections are possible – but once the record is certified ready to be permanently stored – the saving of such a record shall be in a non-editable format only. BHR can never be modified but can always be supplemented by reports generated subsequent to its creation and shall constitute the foundation on which the Personal Health Record (PHR) is built. In other words, PHR is a collection of reports generated at different points of time and BHR is the very first of many such reports.


What inputs should be kept ready for the BHR/PHR to be created?

The usefulness of a PHR depends on primarily on the completeness and accuracy of the data being entered. The following information should be made available: A. Demographic: besides the name and address, it is necessary to include – the Date of Birth, Gender, Marital Status, Lat/Long of the home-location and annual income. B. Medical History: For an adult, this gathers information using the forms displayed under 11 Tabs with two optional forms, one for children (13 Years) and another for women (Gynecological) – that will be displayed conditionally, depending on whether the information being filled pertains to a child or a woman. The different Tabs cover: Primary Info Tab covering - Height/Weight, Blood Type/Group, BP, Family Physician, and Insurance etc. Medical-Surgical-Immuno Tab covering – ailment history, surgeries undergone and immunization gone through etc. Hospitalization Tab covering – admissions to hospital for treatment Dental & Vision Tab covering – condition of teeth and any problems with them and the status of vision with details of any prescriptions for glasses etc. Allergies & Medication Tab covering – whether there is any sensitivity or susceptibility to allergic reactions to specific food items, drugs or other environmental related issues and medication history listing what was taken in the past and what now are in use etc.


Family History Tab covering – health status of parents and siblings Life Style Tab covering – drinking, smoking and eating habits etc. Symptoms & ROS Tab covering – records the functional –status of different anatomical and physiographic systems of the body Cardiac, Diabetic, Pediatric and Gynecologic Tabs covering – details as appropriate to the different sections. C. If there are any documents (soft and hard copies) such as blood analysis, radiology, ultrasound reports and other diagnostic test results – that need to be uploaded into the System, gather them for upload into the system, after scanning or otherwise. D. With all the above data in place, a Baseline Health Record/Report (BHR) is generated and constitutes the foundation on which the PHR would be built. E. The content of BHR may be supplemented by periodically updating the record either by answering a series of simple questions (at predefined intervals) or through a SOAP note based – on a visit to doctor’s office. It is when such extra information is added, the BHR turns into a PHR that constantly keep adding value and increase utility with every passing day.

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